the lookbook

Four score and three years ago, the fools tramped into a rose garden and tumbled down a rabbit hole.

little did they know that it would lead them to

trespass at the crack of dawn in slinky night shirts,

climb through spider web woods at dusk,

stumble upon a pile of human feces,

or scare a group of Japanese tourists with drawn on moles

Here is to the giggles being foolish has brought us. we thank you for lounging in the glitter with us. we give you a window into our work and do hope you enjoy reveling in quotes from a time gone by as you gaze at our bitsey musings.

As college seniors, we know not what the future brings… what city we will next make a merry nook or how many more spontaneous adventures we will encounter with our camera and lipstick in tow. However, we will be snapping more pictures than all the colorful shirts in Gatsby’s wardrobe to bring smiling inspiration to those who have chosen to frolic with us for as long as we possibly can.

Stay foolish and enjoy the past few years of our antics,

 –the fools


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