Declaration of Foolery

“What’s in a name?” asked dear Juliet. “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Well honey… as Shakespeare would have it by the end of the play, a name means quite a lot.

We spent quite a bit of time selecting our name. As a result “The Little Fool” represents not only what we believe in as artists and as women, but what we strive to provide through fashion and photography on this site.

1. Our name traces its roots back to the The Great Gatsby. Our enchantment with Fitzgerald’s story about the glamorous 20s was only increased with the breathtaking costumes and creativity in the recent Luhrmann film. Missus Daisy Buchanan meant the words quite literally when she utters, “That’s the best thing a girl in this world can be, a beautiful little fool,” from the perch of her mansion in East Egg feeling utterly hopeless and powerless as a woman. Never fear. We mean them quite differently and only desire to adopt her impeccable wardrobe.

2. Our generation entrenches itself in the usage of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to communicate. When you take a step back, all of these are catalysts for self promotion. It truly speaks for the fact that today’s society presets self centeredness as our brains’ default setting. That said, giving oneself over to this trend has its benefits––people getting their foot in the door of their dream company through Twitter or receiving business by showing creations on Instagram are as common as finding tube socks on frat boys.

We are calling ourselves and our culture out on the foolishness of these actions. However, we are also reveling in them as we hope to use them to make images that will make people smile or inspire others to go out and create for themselves. In the process, we aim to sharpen our craft and better prepare ourselves for the professional photographer and production designer we aspire to become.

3. We are not in anyway calling ourselves or what we do foolish. Quite the opposite. Instead we are promising ourselves and our viewers to never take ourselves too seriously. We believe that when an artist is willing to be foolish and to make mistakes they will be wrapped up in having fun instead of poisoning their creativity with worrying about “being good.”

Relish in being fabulous. Use the tools you have to follow your calling. Never shy away from being foolish.

Love to you and yours,

The Fools

photography & editing by Irene Lee. production design & modeling by Danielle Price